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You are invited to explore this Website and it is hoped that it may increase your interest in the history of the Great War of 1914-1918 and answer your wish to understand about both corporate strategy and military management.

This Website brings a cross-disciplinary approach to analysing the battlefield performance of the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front.

The Website presents an innovative approach which can be used alongside historical analysis to deepen the understanding of past military campaigns. It offers case study material based on five selected battles for practitioners and students of corporate strategy interested in examining the use of strategy under the extreme conditions of warfare. The objective is to use the experiences of the selected battles from 1914 to 1918 to illustrate contemporary management practices and techniques. By using lateral thinking, this can be an aid to gaining a better understanding of how to achieve competitive advantage in peacetime commercial and public organizations.

From this will come both a deeper knowledge about the complexity of management decision-making as well as a more profound insight into the real problems faced and overcome, or not, during one of the most eventful and significant periods of history of the Second Millennium.

The vision of Dr. George Bailey, the principal creator of this Website, is to show that the contemporary methods of management analysis can be used to better understand historical military events. This is not to relegate the methods of traditional historiography but to exploit techniques that have been discovered and articulated in the past twenty years as the new science/art of strategic management has become important in the search for better ways to run modern organizations and to achieve excellent performance.